Why I Coupon and Clip

I used to be one of those people that just didn’t worry about using any coupons. I didn’t see how saving a few cents here and there could amount to anything. I was quite wrong. What I had been missing out on was that all those cents added up to dollars. Those dollars can actually amount to a significant amount.

Who Should Clip Coupons?

When it comes down to it, those that should clip coupons are those that would see a positive return on time vs clipping. That means lets say it takes you 1 minute to find a coupon on the GameStop website and the coupon saves you a total of $5. Well that would be a pretty positive result considering it only took you a short time to get the discount.

Those that make lets say a million dollars a year probably don’t need to clip coupons. The time it would take someone make a lot of money per year to find and clip coupons probably wouldn’t be worth it.

How Do I Find Coupons?

Besides for the deals I post here, I also download the apps of all the stores I shop at. I also recommend if you are a student, to check out my list of all the student coupons available. Plenty of stores offer instant discounts for students.

Now going back to the apps, if you have a smartphone, you will want to get the apps for all your favorite stores. Joann Fabrics for example, only has the best coupons on their site which are a higher value than on their website. The same applies to Michaels. Even Dollar General coupons can be found right on their app. Sure that means have tons of apps on your phone, but most store apps barely take up any space.

Price Matching

Another non clipping way to get savings is by price matching. Plenty of us like to shop on Amazon.com. But not everyone wants to wait, not even 2 days, for the goods! Its a good thing that plenty of stores match their pricing. That means not even having to clip a coupon to save. Just check the price on Amazon before you shop. You will probably have to go up to the customer service desk to get the deal, but in my experience at stores like Target, it won’t take that long to get your discount processed (unless its Christmas time!)


It is definitely worth it to clip and save. Just make sure to follow the stores you shop at for their own personal coupons and follow this site for the updates we post as well!

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