Stores That Match Prices

If you wanted to save by matching prices maybe even combining a coupon, there are a ton of stores that will match prices!

Why match Amazon prices? Often times you want the price right now, or you want to support a local retailer while still getting the savings. In many states you now have to pay tax on Amazon products so none the less you have to pay tax whether its from one of the stores below or from Amazon.

1. Target
Yes Target stores will Match prices. Keep in mind at their stores the item MUST BE identical in every way. You can also match the price even after buying the item. Just bring it back within 7 days and show the receipt and the Amazon price to get that discount.

2. Staples and
They actually allow you to match the prices from Amazon as well! They also match Best Buy, Costco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Office Depot, Office Max, Quill, Medical Arts Press, Reliable, Sam’s Club, Walmart, WB Mason and Xerox.

3. Office Depot and OfficeMax
Now that these stores have basically combined as one, you can also save with Amazon prices here as well. Match the price even up to 14 days after buying the item!

Other stores that Match Prices
Toys R Us
Babies R Us
Home Depot
Bed Bath And Beyond

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